Mindi Messmer

Mindi Messmer founded Seacoast Radiation in 2016 in response to emerging health concerns uncovered during her tenure on Governor Hassan’s Task Force.  The task force was created to investigate the possible causes for the Pediatric Cancer Cluster identified by the State of New Hampshire in 2016 (  Two rare pediatric cancers, Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) and a Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB) lung cancer, were identified at statistically significant higher rates in children.
Mindi is a longtime resident of the community and has been an environmental consultant for over 25 years. Mindi has operated a small, woman-owned environmental consulting business for 17 years. In the last 25 years, Mindi has consulted businesses, banks, and the U.S. government on the presence of environmental contaminants. Mindi has conducted and managed projects ranging in scale from small hazardous waste site assessments and remediation design, to large remedial investigations and remedial action under a variety of regulatory programs including RCRA, CERCLA, and State Superfund. Her experience and expertise have focused on the evaluation, design, development, and implementation of conventional and innovative in-situ and on-site technologies for remediation of contaminated sites.

Mindi has an undergraduate degree in Earth Science from Syracuse University and attended UNH for an M.S. program in Geology.  Over the past couple years, Mindi has attended Georgetown University for an encore M.S. degree in clinical and translational research.  She is hoping to combine her expertise in environmental contaminants with an understanding of the health effects.

Mindi is currently running to represent Rye and New Castle in the NH House of Representatives.  Her business requires her to objectively look at data and to draw conclusions – something which will translate well into making decisions on behalf of our Seacoast community. For more information, see Mindi’s website at and her facebook page at