Why we need this in our community

Currently, there is no real-time monitoring of radiation emitted from the Seabrook nuclear power plant. The current systems that we as a community rely on are: 1) quarterly monitoring at locations in either close proximity (<0.5 mile) or distant proximity (>5-10+ miles) to Seabrook Station. By the time these samples are collected and analyzed, a release of radiation would have already occurred 3 months beforehand and, thus, the community exposed to high doses of harmful radiation, and 2) at Seabrook Station itself, the self-monitoring is done from high above the plant at the top of their 200-foot emissions tower or within their facility along various pipelines and waste storage systems, etc. The problem with this is that we are all relying on that equipment (which can fail) and there is no public access to this information. Should there be a release of dangerous levels of radiation, it may not be detected or there may be a delay in notification of the emergency response system.

Offsite minute-to-minute monitoring is needed because Seabrook Station does not have continuous, real-time monitoring of plant emissions at the plant perimeter or anywhere in the populated area around Seabrook Station. This system will fulfill that need and will operate continuously to act as an early warning in the event of any unusual release from the Seabrook nuclear power plant.